October 22-27, 2019
Erice, Sicily, ITALY

Workshop Organizers

Conference goals

Purpose of the Workshop

Conference goals

The overall purpose of the Workshop is to discuss the implications of ethology and evolutionary psychology for psychological and psychiatric research and practice. It will focus on a diverse array of topics, including the analysis of nonverbal behaviour, behavioural ecology, particularly in the form of life history theory, and evolutionary genetics of psychiatric disorders. The format will involve talks by international authorities who have been engaged in such research. The workshop will be highly interdisciplinary including aspects involving behavioural and social neuroscience as well as psychopharmacology and psychotherapy

Speakers & Topics

Marian J. Bakermans-Kranenburg

University of Cambridge

Caroline Blanchard

Pacific Biosciences Research Center

Martin Brüne

Ruhr Universität - Bochum

David Buss

University of Texas

Marina Butovskaya

Russian Academy of Science

Carlos Crivelli

De Montfort University, Leicester (UK)

Marco Del Giudice

The University of New Mexico

Bruce Ellis

The University of Utah

Holly Ewald

University of Louisville

Paul Ewald

University of Louisville

Pier Francesco Ferrari

Institut des Sciences Cognitives - Marc Jeannerod

Marinus van IJzendoorn

University of Cambridge

Andrea Migliano

University College London

Paola Palanza

Università di Parma

Stefano Parmigiani

Università di Parma

Davide Ponzi

Oklahoma State University

Alfonso Troisi

Università di Roma - Tor Vergata

Daniel Wilson

The University of Florida

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